Running in Oslo (Norway)

How do you learn about a new city?


Go running early in the morning of course!


Oslo has removed most parking on the streets and made biking, walking and running trails. We went running down by the waterfront which was very serene.


It is a great spot for runners and bikers as you can take a bath afterwards if you like.


We decided to run along the marina…and yes, boating and fishing is very popular here in Norway.  Boats as far as the eye can see.  Second in popularity to the Tesla automobile.  Did you know that 50% of all Teslas sold in Europe are here in Norway?  Why?  No tax on electric vehicles.  50% savings compared to alternatives…


We then headed over to a peninsula or park similar to Seward park in Seattle.  The one difference is there is a lot of trails can you run on…and there are electric fences too.


Why is that? Cows find their home here in Oslo 🙂

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