Angkor Wat

Getting into Cambodia is not that difficult and the country is very “flexible” when it comes to paperwork and getting tourists into the country to support the economy. No complaints here…I must admit the people of Cambodia are very friendly. They are wonderful hosts and guides. Don’t worry about currency exchange, almost everyone uses US dollars…even the ATMs spit out $$$.


This morning we went to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise. We were not alone… Tourists and all the vendors will swarm you.  But the view was amazing even though we did not get to see the sun rise over the top…too many clouds today


We did get to hang out with famous Japanese celebrities at the opening…it was a little crazy, I will leave it at that.


But it was an amazing archeological site with tons of history, stories and religion.


It was like visiting Egypt and India all in the same day. Carvings, pictures, scripture…


For some reason, no matter how hard to try, you just cannot take enough pictures to fully reflect the magical feeling you get when visiting Angkor Wat.


Definitely worth coming half way around the world to just visit this one spot.

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