Running in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest late yesterday and checked in the new Ritz-Carlton.  What an AMAZING hotel.


They cater to runners, so we could not resist running first thing this morning 🙂


We ran down by the Danube of course, it was tempting to run across the chain bridge, but I had another mission…


Running around Margaret Island in middle of the Danube.  We saw hundreds of runners running around it last night…


Why was it so popular?  It has a 5K running track built into the island!  (see the red rubber track material?) Brilliant!


I did have to stop and try and take a quick pic of the storks that were nesting on the island when I saw them.  Sorry it was not a perfect picture, I was in running mode 🙂


Great morning warm-up.  Off to check out more of the city!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:



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