Northern Ireland – Galway and Londonderry

Galway and Londonderry

We spent the night in Galway near the Galway bay in a more secluded hotel. A nice break from being in the busy city center.  I finally got a nice morning run along the bay to start the day.

 We then took our time and headed north to Northern Ireland (UK).  We first reached the city of Londonderry or Derry if you are not a loyalist. Many people may wonder what is special about Derry…it is the actual site of the protest in 1972 that is now known as the “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” event.

There are numerous memorials and strong presence of graffiti throughout the area.  Still a strong sentiment and emotion on the religious government/citizen conflict.  I will leave it at that.

 Coincidentally, we actually encountered a parade and armed police in our short visit to the city. 

The constables were quite friendly to us…We decided to not throw any paint bombs at the riot vehicles.

Sadly, not much Guinness here in Northern Ireland…but you can see more of the sites we checked out in the second blog posting I published. And of course, running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:

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