Ella Valley – Israel

For those who love history, this posting may be one of interest who like to explore famous for subtle locations in various countries.

I had the opportunity to take a drive and explore the Ella Valley. Why is this so exciting and interesting? It looks boring! Let me tell a story…

First, I recommend exploring the Beit Shemesh area in the spring is very pretty due to all the brightly colored flowers that bloom and will quickly disappear when the summer heat arrives.

There is some famous biblical history here in the small mountains and foothills, but what is the one secret that many people do not know about this area?

There are a lot of hidden/secret bunkers where the Israeli military (IDF) stores their nuclear warheads.

Moving on…the most interesting piece of history is not the military installations, it is the landmark that this is the valley that David famously fought and defeated Goliath.

I recommend exploring not just the valley, but also the higher level landmarks and great wineries where you can take a break for not just wine, but great coffee/cappuccino! Ella Valley Vineyards is highly recommended.

Also at the very top is the Lone Oak Tree which is almost 700 years old!

It is a great place to check out the views, take a break, pick up a sandwich or use the clean bathrooms which are sometimes hard to find when travelling. I really likes the topographical relief map nearby that shows all the villages, locations and trails over the entire Negev area.

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