Highlights of Easter Island

Did you miss the first posting when we arrived on the Island?  You may want to check it out first.

It is very easy to get around the island whether you take a tour or rent a car for the day. Almost every spot on the island can be reached in less than 20 minutes. It is very small, dry and dirty. You definitely have to plan your water and bathrooms carefully as it most places, there is neither.  The most gorgeous spots are naturally on the high hills over the island.  Some are actually dormant volcanoes.

Personally, I think this is where the alien UFO took off from…

The birdman races are depicted on numerous petroglyphs around the southern part of the island where villagers gathered annually in special homes built out of slate at the top of the mountain to watch the birdman competition. This is where the extreme competitive warriors would swim to the Moto Nui island to find the very first bird egg where the Gull birds migrated and nested every year. Who ever found the first egg and make it back across the swift waters and up the treacherous cliff became “king” for a year.

There are tons of wild horses on the island. More horses than actual people! They are quite tame and you can easily walk up to them and pet them sometimes.

The highlight of the island is clearly the quarry at Ranu Raraku. This is where all the statues come from and there is dozens of statues in various stages of excavation, carving and transport.

It is almost comical and unreal to see so many poking their heads out of the side of the mountain.

The coastline and views are amazing…

and yes, I ran a 10K along the coast of Easter Island of course 😊

I must it is a little rocky and you need trail shoes for sure!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


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2 Responses to Highlights of Easter Island

  1. Dad says:

    Any ideas as to how the horses got there ? Maybe Fedx or ups. haha

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