Hiking in Switzerland

I had a free afternoon to explore and walk around Zurich which I captured in this blog posting.

What else do you do when you have a full free weekend day when you need to spend extra time in order to catch an affordable flight for a business trip to Zurich, Switzerland?

Go hiking!


There are many great sites to visit, many great places to eat and lots of shopping.  It is easy to get around by train, unless they do not have an operating system of course…


You can of course take a train out into the countryside to do some hiking if you like.


Some amazing scenery…and when you get up high, you can start to find the snow.


It was almost tempting to try some of the icicles that were formed from the mountain springs in the sub-freezing weather temps…


Overall, the number of trails an options for hiking in Switzerland are quite amazing,  Highly recommended.

I also went for a run in Zurich as well which I captured in this blog posting.

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