Welcome to the Galapagos

It is a restricted national park so you must go through quite a food steps to arrive. Park Rangers check every bag before you leave the airport and once again when you arrive.

There is no terminal with gates, but it is not a problem since the weather is very pleasant.

But it is a fun adventure if you have patience from the very start. The airport is small, but you have connections or a Priority Pass, they have a VIP lounge when you arrive.

The main surprise to me after landing was how (barren) and dry the island was, I guess it should be expected since July is the dry reason, but I incorrectly assumed that an exotic place like the Galapagos would be lush and green. Mistake noted.

What was the first unique creature sighted? The red crabs which are all over the rocks around the shore. They are very fast and they “jump” quite far from rock to rock. I do not have a good shot, but the crabs actually have blue on their bottom side which is unique (IMHO).

What is one additional surprise in Ecuador and Galapagos. A LOT of people where masks indoors and outdoors. Nobody complains. Everyone is comfortable and many just want to try and stay safe. It is not mandatory, but on airplane or airport, 95% of the people wear them!

Follow along here for the next day once we boarded the ship. and some of our findings! We found some boobies and also some turtles!

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