Travelling through Slovakia

Before we left Krakow, we did decide to be American tourists and have lunch at the Hard Rock Café.


A little bit of a tradition for us…it was a great location on the square and a nice opportunity to observe everything while on the second floor.  I will admit the square is pretty much a tourist trap…


Our waitress was actually Ukrainian and not Polish.  She left the Ukraine for work and to escape all the conflict there.  She had some stories and was not found of the pending civil war and conflict with Russia.


On Wednesday, we headed south through Slovakia which was separated from the Czech Republic when the Warsaw pact countries all became democracies.  Check out the cool castle in the distance that was built into the mountain.  I wish we had time to check that place out.


It seems like Slovakia could be a great place for some hiking and camping.


It is definitely a highway full of truck stops catering to all the cars and trucks just passing through the country.


Beautiful countryside, with flowing fields and ski mountains.  We stopped for some lunch in the middle of the mountains and enjoyed some local stew and local beer 🙂

Stay tuned, tomorrow, we will be talking about Budapest, Hungary!



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