On the way to the latest adventure, we chose to stop overnight in Amsterdam to break up the long flight sequence.

So, we hopped on the train from the airport to downtown Amsterdam.  Bikes are VERY popular here.  I only wish they had the $1 an hour Lime bike rentals like we see in Seattle nowadays!

We took a nice leisurely evening walk along the canals.  It was 90 degrees out, but the overcast sky and light breeze made it quite nice.  It was amazing to have a constant diversity of languages and tourists…every 5 minutes you heard another language being spoken.

We of course took the opportunity to visit and honor Anne Frank’s hideout during the Nazi occupation during WWII.  We did not go into the museum as it was too late, but it was a nice way to remember the history and what has occurred in the past in this famous city.

We then ended the walk with some local cuisine and beers.  The local schnitzel was delicious and their specialty was Moules Frites.  The mussels were amazing…the only problem was the local bees like it even more than the dinner guests!

Flying off (south) tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the next wave of exciting adventures and some surprises!


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