Travelling to Hawaii During Pandemic

I must admit, I have almost never in my life travelled during the holidays, but this year was a little different with the pandemic and the craving to get out.

Where did we choose? Hawaii! 9+ months ago, the deals and availability for places like Hawaii were astounding, We could not resist even though the restrictions and ability travel to Hawaii due to COVID were very uncertain.

Lets start with the travel experience and the process to get to Hawaii safely. Simple answer: you need to get vaccinated and if you are not, getting to Hawaii means you are going to be quarantined. I highly recommend getting all setup at the Hawaii safe web site in advance to avoid the crazy ligisitcs to get on the flight and into the state.

The traffic getting the airport was a little crazy, but not too bad.

We were really worried about the security lines as only I have TSA precheck, but with Clear pass, it was no problem at all. Through security in 10 minutes.

The airport was packed and this is where the lounge is a blessing. It was very full, but not uncomfortably full compared to the main airport.

The only downside is they would not let us eat some of the gingerbread treats despite the festive atmosphere.

Let’s talk about the flight. Some people were distressed that they changed the plane and all the seating assignments got mixed up. We could sit right next to each other anymore.

I could not complain a lot due the new seats on this Airbus 330. 😊

Now the seats and large screen entertainment is awesome, but the food service in first class was… I will let you judge.

At least they have some great wine on demand though! Who can complain, we are on vacation! 🤣

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