Key West Florida

Escaped Miami before a massive thunderstorm hit.  You can see it in the distance.

Key West is a small place and far away from most things.

Lots of little islands and full of expensive homes.

Yes, this is the lowest point of the continental United States.

It is the end of the rode…or mile 0 as they like to say.

So, I took a self guided tour and run.

I visited the Naval Air Station, which has the only beach area…but they would not let me in even though I was a veteran.  I didn’t have my veteran ID card with me.

Of course, I could not miss visiting Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum.  For $14 you can learn a lot of history here!  Worth a visit.  This was his original study.

and his house is full of 6 toed cats that are descendants of his original cat snowflake. This is the king sized bed he built from a gate from a monastery to form his headboard when king sized beds did not exist in the late 1930.

And down the street was his favorite place he liked to tank up and drink. and I guess he liked to fight too, but not sure if he was just betting on fights.

I ended up a place a little more famous to get a cold drink after this hot humid day.  The tourists pack this place for some reason.  Good live music I must admit!

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