Travelling to Northern Africa

Today was a long travel day…it was quite rainy and foggy in the southern part of Spain, so it was a good excuse to be on the road and not visiting any special sites.


Getting onto the ferry and through immigration to cross the straits of Gibraltar by ferry felt like being corralled into a zoo. It was a definite mix of government bureaucracy combined with a number of friendly little deals and connections.


And, once you get on board, you are lucky to get a seat, but you actually need to stand in line for 30-60 minutes to get your passport stamped. Unless you have a good connection and someone takes of it for you while you get a sandwich to pass the time. There was a business class lounge on the ferry…but there was nobody in it. Hmmm….have to find out what card you need to show to get in there. I wonder if it is one of the new Platinum Amex lounges you start to hear about in the airports…


And of course, everyone has to change their Australian dollars and Greek euros to have plenty of local currency dirhams to pay for taxis and snacks.



Oh yes, if you don’t connect well with the cashier to buy a sandwich…it gets ugly real quick. Welcome to northern Africa, it is a definitely a different culture change even after 5 minutes! But when you get to Morocco, you can have some mint tea 🙂


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