England – Bletchley Park

Since I had to stay up really late last night work on some Cybersecurity challenges…


I decided to take an extra long lunch break today and check on some earlier Cybersecurity experts outside of London.


One of the most famous Cybersecurity experts in the world Dr. Steve Lipner recommended I visit when I had a chance.  The grounds and museums were very well kept.


Maybe it was Mr. Lipner that was inspired by the story of Dilly Knox and his famous bath routine, I am not sure…


It is only a 40 minute train ride out and it is a very quiet campus that is full of history.


It became quiet famous again after the movie the Imitation Game, but the positive is all the renovation and work that is being done to re-create the bombe experience in how they worked to break the enigma devices.


They had several enigmas which was quite a treat to see.


The real amazing thing I learned was the Lorenz machine which was used by Hitler for his secret messages and not the Enigma.  This was not even de-classified until 2003!



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