Krakow Running Club

Warsaw is all about bikers and we found that Krakow is where all the runners are. Yes, I know this picture has bikers, but trust me, the trail was full of runners tonight!


We did a nice Monday night run to stick with our Eastside Runners Monday running routine.  And we ran along the river, but here in Krakow, it is much larger than the Sammamish River…


And it is full of swans and not so many ducks…


Fun locations to run by like this research Nuclear reactor in Krakow…I wonder if it is from the former eastern block/Soviet days…


Some nice wooded trails that has periodic exercise equipment every 100 meters to mix up your routine.


Yes, I know some people are worried about Zombies in the wooded areas after watching Walking Dead, but we ate the anti-Zombie yogurt found here in Poland to be ready for that.


Also have to love some of the local art painted along the bridges that you cross under.


Overall, great run tonight.  Krakow is a great city of activity and friendly atmosphere.  I can see now why it is popular for many European tourists.

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