Time to Get Boosted!

Yep – you guessed it, I got my 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot (booster) Friday. Yeah! I am excited. Some mental relief. And everyone is asking – what are the side effects?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Let’s start with WHY I got the booster. Multiple reasons:

  1. I am a world traveler and many countries (like Israel) are already requiring the booster shot to be obtained if your last vaccination was administered more than 6 months ago.
  2. Immunity degrades over time, even if you had been infected with COVID-19 and recovered. The challenge everyone faces, include the best doctors is nobody can definitively state when the immunity will degrade and the person is it at risk again.
  3. I am not a doctor, not a medical expert. I will not become an expert just by reading blogs or watching videos. The world experts recommend and guide us and I rely upon on those trained experts and not my own opinions or reading.
  4. I was vaccinated and I got infected with COVID-19 despite being an avid and aggressive masker, worked from home and stayed socially distant from almost everything. My symptoms were mild, but very present and I am strongly convinced they were only mild and manageable because I was vaccinated.
  5. The next wave of infections and potential variants is growing again. My risk of infection from another variant is statistically increasing.
  6. We are starting to go back to the office, perform business travel, visit restaurants, shop and be entertained. We are not as socially distant as we were a year ago.
  7. Given the above, I really do not want to increase the risk of dying. The global statistics are crystal clear, my best odds to avoid death due to COVID-19, is to remain vaccinated and boosted whenever needed.
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Now, I would like to share another story. I have not needed to visit or get treatment in an emergency room for a decade (being thankful of course).

But two weeks ago, I had such painful back muscle spasms after a lifting and twisting mistake, I was almost paralyzed in pain and could not walk or stand. I had to be wheeled into the ER (emergency room) and get some emergency treatment. I was worried I had a ruptured disc.

The wait was so long, I was in pain sitting in the wheelchair. The only way they could see me if I was willing to sit in a hallway for my exam and treatment. There were not going to be any exam rooms available. The unvaccinated COVID-19 patients were filling up every possible space. Even a young girl who had a broken leg and needed a cast had to be treated in a hallway with everyone watching because there were no rooms because they were all filled with infected patients.

I am VERY thankful for the great care at Overlake hospital, but it was scary and equally painful to see how frustrated and burned out the nurses were from all the unvaccinated patients filling every room in the ER with COVID-19.

I wish I could have left and not risk getting infected, but I needed care so badly, I had no choice. My treatment center for over 4 hours.

Hint: Yes everyone, not getting vaccinated is hurting other people.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Yes, I know the side effects are not pleasant for some and it is uncomfortable, but lets talk about that next. If interested and doing your research on vaccine side effects, check out my posting on my second vaccine shot about 7 months ago with my side effects and how I handled it.

Here is the good news from my latest shot:

  1. It took almost 6-7 hours before my arm actually got sore. It is not very sore to the touch. It is mainly just a little uncomfortable to move around. I do not recommend any sporting activities 24-48 hours after the shot. I also might recommend to receive the shot in the arm that is not your primary/dominant arm and hand.
  2. It took almost 8-9 hours before I started to feel the slight hints of extra fatigue,
  3. No fever, no increased temperature.
  4. No aches, pains or joint inflammation.
  5. After a good’s night rest, I felt mostly normally and maybe a slight headache like you might feel from a mild hangover from the night before.
  6. 24 hours later, my arm soreness has 90% disappeared.

I am really pleased to say that each subsequent vaccine shot seems to have less side effects that the previous based on my experience and observation. Do not be afraid. It is OK. It is worth the mild hangover the next day for the safety and protection it offers.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Summary: I hate to say it and I know it will bother some people, but looking forward for the next few years, I believe the reality is the majority of the population are going to need to have semi-annual or at least annual COVID-19 vaccinations to remain safe, maintain employment and have access to various sites, events, travel and entertainment.

P.S. Tip: in Washington state, check out WAVerify as it will create a QR code for your vaccination record. Explanation if you want to learn more.

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Fighting the Cold War

I know this posting is sounding a little different, but I thought I would share a recognition that I just received in the mail this week from the Department of Defense. I don’t post very often about by military service since it has been over 25 years, and we did not have digital cameras back then and film processing was expensive!

It is the official Cold War Recognition Certificate. It is recognition of service members who were trained and served during the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union. When I went to boot camp and aviation training, we were trained to be ready and fight the Soviet Union. When I was in the middle of a Persian Gulf cruise/deployment, the Soviet Union fell apart on television and the rest is history…

Photo by Aksonsat Uanthoeng from Pexels

So, how does tie into my travel blog? Although it was not the start of my travel adventures as I was a big fan of road tripping in college, more on that another time… but it was the boom and catalyst for my passion and enthusiasm for international travel.

With 5 years of Active Duty service in 2 war/conflict zones, I was able to visit these countries thaanks to the 18 months I lived aboard an aircraft carrier:

  • Naples, Italy
  • Trieste, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Pompeii, Italy
  • Venice, Italy
  • Palermo, Italy
  • Azores, Portugal
  • Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Paris, France
  • Nice, France
  • Marseille, France
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Jabaal Ali, UAE
  • Palma De Macro, Spain
  • Haifa, Israel

I only wish I had some photos from all those locations. So many memories and quite a reward for serving the country for 5 years.

Photo by redouan khoulassi from Pexels

For example, how many people have ever heard or visited Abu Dhabi?

Photo by Djé Marseille from Pexels

or know the culture and uniqueness of Marseille, France? I will never forget the “smash” sandwiches made with French fries.

If you are a US military veteran and served during the Cold War, you should apply for your certificate and be recognize for your service during this important era during the history of the world.

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Gold Creek Part 2

The fall weather has been gorgeous in Snoqualmie this year and before the snow arrives, it is definately a good time to do some more hiking.

Slow going when not on a trail

This weekend, we decided to be a little more adventurous and spelunk around Gold Creek and see what we might be able to discover that might not be on the standard trail. You might remember a previous posting on Gold Creek pond if you are not familiar with the area.

We started off at Heli’s Pond before creating our own path and trail to see where we might go and have some fun without the regular local hikers that might be only taking the easy paths.

So what did we find on this hike today?

Of course, when hiking into the unknown, it is important to have all the right gear in case you get lost or encounter some challenges in the terrain 🙂

Today, we found that we need to cross the fast running creek a few times, so being ready and prepared to walk across fallen trees is a skill you need to build and have.

Now, in the middle of nowhere and at least a mile from a trail, we found an interesting contraption with solar panels and detection infrastructure. I wonder if this is to detect incoming aliens or UFOs which might be hard to detect in the isolated mountains…

Massive root matrix

The best part of the hike was the challenge and spelunking we needed to perform to get up from the lower creek to a higher part of the mountain where we could reach an easier return trail. Checkout this massive root system we had to climb up and over to get a clear path up the mountain.

We carefully trekkend up this massive fallen cedar tree and then climbed the rocks to take some great pictures to celebrate the weather and joy of hiking this area with no other humans in sight. But we certainly did notice a lot of indicators of deer, coyotes and bear around the area…

It was only 4 miles and it took 3 hours, but the fun you can have when you deviate from the main trails and take an adventurous attitude with you.

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Fall Hiking Gear for Snoqualmie

We decided to head to Snoqualmie Pass to try out some new gear for the Fall hiking season and pre-winter adventurous.

This was a continued exploration of the area similar to other hikes we blogged about in this area:

We choose to try out some of the trails at Alpental which we had never tried before. We did not arrive too early since it was very rainy and it turned out that the parking lot was not 100% full at 9:30 AM.

It was very nice to see how low the snow line was when we started the ascent on the trail to Snow Lake. After only 150-200 feet of ascent, we could already where snow was sticking and remaining,

This was a great opportunity to test out some new gear we wanted to try out from REI to determine its suitability in this weather and region. We both wanted to try out the prAna stretch Zion pants which were both water resistant as well as quick drying. These were fantastic for repelling both the rain and snow and did not get cold, wet or persistent despite the inclement weather.

Now, lets mention shoes. On these trails with the water and snow, there are a LOT of waterfalls crossing the trail and despite the large rocks, you are going to bet your shoes wet — guaranteed 100%. And the rocks are sharp and pointy. This is where I wanted to try out the Ecco Gortex Exhike boots. These were a great choice for the cool weather, rough terrain and the constant water streams.

In addition to the waterfalls, there are a lot of rocks and steep pseudo-steps on the trail that are very stable, but very precarious to step on with one foot. This is where we recommend hiking poles for both the ascent and the more difficult descent when the rocks get slippery from the snow. We found the low cost REI trekking poles were a great and perfect for this environment,

By the time we ascended 1,500 feet and 2 miles, the snow was starting to actively stick. The picture does now show it, but over an inch of snow had started to collect on parts of the trail and rocks where there was no running water. You can almost see the snow falling down on my watch in the next photo.

Last, but not least, I wanted to try out my new adventure hiking watch from Breitling. More specifically the Emergency Watch which is the bets choice for now GPS data, but it can be used if you every trek off the trail, get hopelessly lost and need assistance. It is the latest in my Breitling collection and very thankful for Alvin Goldfarb in their procurement of this specialty watch from Switzerland for our fall hiking gear collection.

Yes it is a big watch and you do need larger sleeve outwear to comfortably wear this piece, but you get even more comfort knowing the transmitter and beacon are fully charged if you need it during an emergency,

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COVID-19 Travel Experience in Q4 2021

I thought a short blog might be due to share some thoughts on what travel may look like in the remaining months of 2021. The Delta variant is causing havoc around the world, so many of us are still wondering what countries and locations will be open…or not in 2021 or early 2022.

Photo by Atypeek Dgn from Pexels

This posting is a little out of date, but this link keeps updated on the status of all countries quite regularly. I recommend bookmarking it.


Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Many locations and countries may remain open, but the TSA has extended the mask rule for airline passengers until at least 2022. We need to get use to wearing masks for a long time. I do not think this is going away any time soon.

The other bug question is what will be the experience on both airlines and in hotels?


Photo by solod_sha from Pexels

I am pleased to say that food and drink service is slowly returning. It may not be full 5-star in first or business class yet, but this updated online summary is looking promising.


Now, lets look at hotels. I think this is a mixed story across the chains and the status of the hotel.

As US News and World Reports highlights, many changes are occurring and we need to get used to much more utilitarian service and less luxury perks for the foreseeable future.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Will hotels start offering room service again?

The WSJ had a good article that some hotels are starting to charge fees for the pool, gym or even cleaning services. Is this the new trend and only business travels will expense these services when they return?


The most complicated topic is attractions, landmarks and activities.

Photo by C. Cagnin from Pexels

I think the best practice and rule of thumb is you need to research carefully before you plan and travel. Every state, every city, every location is a little different. One example is Florida. And they can and could change quite quickly or dynamically.

Restaurants, Car Rentals and Tours

Similar to the above, it is likely to be a mixed story. Look ahead to see if you can even get into a restaurant before you make a flight reservation. Many are trying to go to places like Hawaii which no longer require quarantine if you are vaccinated, but you may have limitations in some of the services like car rental which are very hard to find. This article has some good recommendations to think about.


Here is what I recommend plan and perform before considering travel anywhere:

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels
  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Make sure you have a physical and electronic copy of your vaccination
  3. Assume you need to wear a mask
  4. Plan to get a booster vaccine when they time comes

Business Insider has a good chart on how effective your vaccine can be against the variants.

Do you have any tips to share? Please send them my way and I will add to this posting.

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Seattle Polo Party

With the COVID-19 Delta variant starting to create some limitations in travel and event restrictions, many in the Pacific Northwest needed and were looking for a fun event to enjoy this summer.

and I am excited to share the Seattle Polo Party is back and we were invited to attend! The smoke was a little hazy, but it was not too bad and did not interfere with any of the activities or fun.

Despite the warm weather, most the guests and attendees chose to dress up and promote the festive atmosphere. You can see that the best and most popular choice is to attend as a VIP and that is the long registration line here.

But beware, purchasing an individual VIP ticket is not a good choice unless you are going to have a table or cabana to sit at.

There was a number of local luxury sponsors like Seattle Rolls Royce, Alvin Goldfarb and Oris watches. It was fun to wear a nice watch and check out some of the line in the Oris airstream trailer. The Oris cotton candy watches were definitely popular with this crowd! I might have even been tempted to pick up a new model for my collection as well 😉

I admit I have never been in this area of WA state before, and it was a nice drive down and opportunity to observe and learn how Polo is actually played.

Needless to say, it is not easy and it was impressive on how the players and horses could be so agile and precise in hitting a small ball down the field.

Summary: it felt like a yuppie picnic, but it was fun to dress up on a hot summer day, interact and socialize with the greater community. You can even spot some local celebrities walking around. I was lucky to get a picture of this local celebrity — it seems she is no longer driving a Ferrari when I last saw her in Shanghai, and now has started driving a Bentley sedan!

We will definitely go again. It was a great escape from the challenging times, weather and continued uncertainty of the year ahead.

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Lake Chelan

The state of Washington is no longer locked down and everyone is travelling again, so we decided to adventure and visit a place we have never visited before:

Lake Chelan Washington!

It is a bit of a long drive from the Seattle area, but it is a relaxing and comfortable drive through the Cascade mountains.

It is not very green, due to a draught and hot weather, but still very scenic. We were so tempted to try hiking on some of the nearby hills (mountains), but with the hot sun and 100 degree weather, it does not seem logistically possible to carry enough water to support a multi-hour hike to those elevations.

Chelan has an old town kind of atmosphere with accordingly styled stores, restaurants and things to do. Numerous parks, not too crowded and lo

We rented an AirBnB condo. You must book months in advance now. It is pretty much 100% booked for the entire summer now. If you do not want to be right on the lake, you can get some decent deals and still only be a 10 minute from the parks and many attractions.

You can even play mini golf downtown or ride go karts.

Be warned, you will not see or find anyone wearing a mask. You will almost feel like there was never a pandemic or a need to wear a mask in this town. Maybe 1% of the people working inside or stores wear masks.

So, what did we do on day 1? Rented a boat, spent the day cruising around the lake, checking out some of the mansions and even perform a little tubing in the calm waters. Enjoyed a nice mini picnic on the water with some treats from the local Safeway. We rented a nice boat from Shoreline which is a very convenient and great choice for visitors.

Let’s see – eating recommendations. Everyone in town seems to like the Drive In burger place. We walked up and that is OK too. Great burgers, onion rings and they even make a better shake that Shake Shack!

I have to admit, I am not sure I have ever bene to a water park since I was in Navy bootcamp in Orlando many years ago and a water park was our liberty day after 4-6 weeks. I have to admit Slidewaters in Chelan is a really fun place for families.

It is not huge, but it is well run and not very expensive. Great place to have a picnic if you get in early and find a shade spot.

but be ready, it will get very packed quickly and not a bare piece of grass will be found by the late afternoon as towels breed and multiply faster than rabbits.

The major downside of the park is the Grill. The natural park “grub” is not healthy, but aligned with the standard fare for recreation facilities. The major disappointment is you will likely need to stand in line in the hot sun for 30+ minutes just to buy a hamburger.

One of the highlights some talk about in the area are the wineries and vineyards. We decided to check one out that was on the south side of the lake known as Lake Chelan winery. They definately have some older vines and have good online reviews.

The real highlight was the evening BBQ they host Sun-Thur. Delicious with a great outdoor menu and lots of side choices. It provides a great excuse to try out some of the wines and enjoy the festive and family atmosphere. Highly recommended.

The vineyard also provides a very family friendly atmosphere which lends to its popularity.

Now, what did I do every morning while in the area?

Last, but not least, yes, I went running around parts of the lake. How could I not? It is a great place to run early in the morning when it is 30 degrees cooler and almost no traffic on the roads.

One element that is unique to Chelan – all runners wave hi when passing each other. Very friendly. None are wearing masks though.

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:

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Planning a Weekend Trip to Mexico on a Budget

Although I have been to Mexico many times, I thought it would be great to have a posting on the topic as many people are now looking to visit and travel to Mexico now that the lockdowns have been lifted!

I have been to Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Cabo and over course, Cancun, but never Mexico City. I need to start planning I think!

Photo via Pixabay by Mscxp

For many Americans, finding the time and the funds to take a weekend trip can be extremely difficult, but these days, it’s important to do the things that make us happy in a healthy way. With so many anxieties and stressors whether you’re a busy manager, parent, or student, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for budget-friendly trips so they can get away from everything for a little bit and relax. But how do you do it when you only have time to head out for the weekend?

The key is to get creative, and it helps to do a little research as well. One of the most affordable trips you can take is a weekend jaunt to Mexico, where you can book a four-star hotel for a little over $60 per night and take in all the sights of a historic city like San Miguel de Allende. Located in Mexico’s central highlands, the city offers gorgeous architecture and cobblestone streets, as well as mild weather well into fall.

The David Cross Travel Blog shares some great tips on how to plan a weekend trip to plan to many places around the world.

Know Your Dates

One of the first major steps in planning a weekend getaway is to have firm dates so you can book your airfare and accommodations. Clear your schedule, and make sure there are no conflicts before you make any final decisions. Look for days and times that are off-season, as during peak times the flights will fill up faster and you’ll end up paying more. This also applies to hotels.

Avoid Scams

While traveling can be a time to relax, it can also be tricky. Making plans and using your credit card means you’re more susceptible to scams and theft, so only use companies that are confirmed with the Better Business Bureau before giving them any of your information. Travel fraud is a very real thing that affects many Americans every year, so it’s important to only do business with reputable agencies.

Skip the All-Inclusive Resort

These types of resorts are wonderful if you’re going to be staying for a week or longer, but if you’ll only be there for a couple of days, it’s probably in your best interest to pay as you go. You can download an app such as Trail Wallet that will help you keep track of exactly how much you’ve spent on your trip so you won’t have any nasty surprises down the road.

Plan a Little

For many travelers, the idea of a weekend trip comes with the need to get away, destress, and not plan too much. Flying by the seat of your pants can be freeing sometimes, but when it comes to saving money, it’s not always the best option. Instead of winging it, plan a bit so you’ll know how much you can expect to spend on a given day. You might do some research on local restaurants or tourist attractions to find out the average cost of a meal or ticket, or consider how you’ll get around. In many cities around the world, small motorbikes are popular because they allow for fast travel without having to deal with traffic. These can often be rented for the day.

Planning a weekend trip to anywhere on a budget can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply think ahead as much as possible and do some research before you commit to anything. With a good plan and a little thought, you (or you and your family) can have a wonderful weekend getaway in Mexico without breaking the bank.

By Jesse Clark from Soulful-Travel.com

P.S. If you want a good example of what a great trip to Mexico City looks like in the summer of 2021, then check out Paul Thurrott’s trip blog which really makes the city look a great opportunity to visit on a budget!

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How to Prepare Your Car for the Road Trip of a Lifetime

This week I have a returning guest author posting that I think will help everyone a little in the year ahead as the world starts opening again for travel!

I think this topic is quite interesting (for at least the United States) based on the travel and vacation interest that skyrocketed last weekend due to three factors (IMHO):

  1. The reduced infections of COVID-19 across most states in the US
  2. The high vaccination rate of adults in the US
  3. Most cities and attractions opening back up again and no longer in lockdown
  4. The immense urge and need for vacation after a year of WFH and no travel
Photo credit: Pixabay

There’s nothing more exciting than hitting the road for an extensive road trip. With endless possibilities on the horizon and an unbridled sense of freedom, many people list this experience at the top of their bucket list. While it’s easy to get carried away by the more interesting parts of the trip, there’s one major logistical aspect that must be addressed: transportation. Even the most capable of cars will need to undergo some changes before tackling such an epic adventure. Here are some tips for preparing your car for the road trip of a lifetime.

Double-Check Your Car Insurance Coverage

Before hitting the road, you need to double-check your car insurance to see how long it lasts and what it covers. If you’ve been with the same provider for many years, it might be the right time to shop around for something more affordable. You’ll want to find companies that have been around for a while with positive reviews from customers. For example, State Farm has an A++ rating, was founded in 1922, and enjoys an 18 percent market share. Additionally, Allstate has an A+ rating, was founded in 1931, and has an 11 percent market share. Reviewing multiple companies is a great way to find the best coverage for your road trip.

Take Your Car In for a Professional Inspection

Unless you’ve recently purchased a brand-new vehicle, it’s important to receive a professional inspection to catch any current problems with your car. You don’t want a pre-existing issue to stall your road trip after just a few days. Most maintenance shops should be willing to do a quick inspection for a reasonable rate. Make sure to tell them about your plan for an extended road trip as there may be some parts of your car that are particularly sensitive to prolonged use. Inspecting these parts is especially important to ensure they’re prepared for the long haul.

Replace Your Brakes, Headlights, and Tail Lights

You don’t need a professional inspection to know that your brakes aren’t in tip-top shape or that your headlights and tail lights aren’t operating at full power. Unless you’ve just replaced each of these parts, it’s safe to assume that they’re lacking in one way or another. When taking a road trip, you should replace these items beforehand to err on the safe side. You don’t want your headlights going out in a storm or your brakes to wear down when driving through the mountains. You can greatly reduce these potential problems with fresh brakes and lights.

Load Your Car with Essential Tools and Maintenance Kits

Cars are easy to maintain when used for a few hours each day; it’s a different story when you take that same car on a long road trip. Even with the most thorough preparation beforehand, your car may still experience some mechanical issues while on the road.

To limit your chances of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, it’s important to load your car with some essential tools. For one, you’ll need jumper cables in case you experience a dead battery and a spare tire if you encounter a flat. For another, flashlights are also important for dealing with problems in the dark. But make sure that you invest in car tools and accessories that will go the distance. Take the time to consider expert recommendations, as well as maintenance tips.

Road trips place a lot of stress on even the most capable cars. In order to make sure that your trip goes smoothly, it’s important to prepare your vehicle beforehand. You should focus on increasing safety and minimizing maintenance issues along the way. Even a little preparation can make it easier to enjoy the road trip of a lifetime.

Thanks again for the tips and collaboration from Allison Morgan from TravelTravesty.com

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Breitling Watches and Travel

I thought it might be fun to write about two of my favorite topics — in a combined blog posting!

I am a big fan of watches and how they are not just a choice of jewelry, but also a tool for many travel purposes and a visible expression of yourself as well as your personality.

I admit I am a huge fan of Swiss watches primarily, but I will admit, not exclusively. One of my favorite brands is Breitling and I thought I would share some of the watches in my collection and how each of them serves a purpose when travelling.

OK – lets start with my favorite watch for when travelling on business and especially when travelling overseas.

My favorite watch is the Breitling Aersopace. They do not make this model anymore, but it is amazing watch to travel. Here are the benefits:

  • It has a titanium case which makes it lightweight, thin and very durable
  • It is not flashy and does not attract attention when travelling in dangerous places
  • It fits easily and comfortably under long sleeve shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts
  • It has multiple time zones. One your current time zone and one for your home time zone
  • It has a very loud and reliable alarm — I never trust hotel alarm systems or wakeup calls. This is a critical function when travelling and your schedule is dynamic
  • It has a battery and it literally lasts almost 2 years before requiring a change

OK – what is my favorite vacation watch when being adventurous?

The Breitling Seawolf. It is a true diving watch.

  • You can actually go as deep as 3,000 meters and it is 100% titanium case with a very thick sapphire crystal.
  • It is an automatic watch that is so reliable, durable and has a bracelet extension to wrap your wrist when wearing a thick wetsuit.
  • It is very light and comfortable due to the titanium case

Hint: this is not a watch that easily fits under any shirt due to its thickness to handle extreme underwater depths.

Now, when on vacation, sometimes you do want to go out and dress up a little, but not go overboard. What is one of the best choices when you still want to be a little fancier when out for dinner?

The Breitling two-tone Chronomat is a great choice. You maintain the technical styling, yet the gold accents class up the look quite a bit. It is not a large or thick as a Seawolf, so you can still comfortably wear it under a dress shirt if you like.

Now, if you would like some a little toned down, but still very cool and classic Breiting, what would I recommend?

I really the relatively TWA Navitimer. It has a classic look, but not flashy. It fits nicely under a shirt and has a somewhat retro look.

Now sometimes, what if you are not travelling on business and do not need a muted or simple look for a watch with an alarm clock?

This is where the Breitling Chronospace Military comes in. As a US Navy and US Army veteran, it is a perfect match for my military experience, it has a classic military style, dual time zones, amazing alarm and even works great with night vision goggles! A great choice when you want to have fun and not need to wear a watch that is subdued and business like.

Some people may ask: what is a good casual watch for daily wear when being active on vacation at the beach, playing sports or working out?

The new Breitling Endurance Pro line is one of my new favorites. It is so lightweight, thin, comfortable, water resistant and yet as a very cool look without standing out as an expensive watch. I never thought I would like a rubberized band, but this is perfect for a hot, sweaty day with sports or activities and quickly cleans up after a day out.

Now is the latest edition for travel: The Breitling Emergency. I have (and will continue to do so) travelled around the world to some (dangerous) places. The emergency watch is a valuable asset if something goes wrong. After activation, I tried it out on an early snow season hike in Snoqualmie.

Any other watch recommendations?

Interested in more of the luxury watch market and what is going on in this dynamic ecosystem? I thought I would share a few of my favorite YouTube subscriptions which are somewhat informative and fun to stay up to date.

Where do I acquire these great pieces? Thanks again to Alvin Goldfarb for the great choices, services and friendship over the years!

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