Exploring Boston Area

Time for a retro posting since many people are examining the history of the nation recently…Exploring and touring around the Boston area for a long weekend is quite a delight.

There is so much (American) history in the city itself and the surrounding areas. This is the famous Bunker Hill Monument which is quite a climb up!

We had a lot of fun driving out to the gorgeous Concord and Lexington areas, and actually visiting some of the historic battlefield sites and participating in revolution exercises to be ready if a government overthrow is required again, but I digress…

Anyone the legend of Sleepy Hollow as a kid?  Was it true?  Who knows, but it was a fun place to visit and reminiscence of the Halloween stories from a long time ago…

This was a hard one to find and took some careful hiking to actually discover Walden Pond where Henry David Thoreau lived and wrote in a 10×10 hut that inspired many writers and literature for many years.  Worth visiting the park and finding the inspirational environment.

Another cool place for military and history plans to visit is Battleship Cove.  It is mind blowing to see how large the guns are on a WWII battleship.  Highly recommended place to visit.

Since we were in the area, we decided to explore and check out Marthas Vineyard area since so many famous people rave about it and talk about going there.  Overall, we were not that impressed and felt it was a bit overrated or over-hyped.

Since we are on the east coast and in the tourist area of Martha’s Vineyard, what did local dish did we need to try?  🙂




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