Travelling to Portugal

Today we spent most of our time driving/riding west to Portugal across the beautiful countryside in Spain and Portugal.  Our goal was to reach Lisbon by dinnertime.

We made one nice lunch stop in Fatima (Portugal) which is famous religious Catholic site where vision and appearance occurred in the past from the virgin Mary.


Pretty impressive site from a build out perspective.  It almost felt like we were standing in a smaller (modern) square in Rome…


Our real highlight was a run down the fancy shopping street from our hotel to the waterfront in Lisbon.


It almost felt like San Francisco with the replica golden gate bridge in the distance 🙂


Except San Francisco does not have as big of a square and statue compared to Lisbon.  Time for some local seafood (cod specialty) and port!


The next day, we listened to some local music which was fun which I captured in this blog post.  and then the third day’s blog post when we headed west towards the coast.

In addition, running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


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