Running Las Vegas – Head for the Mountains!

Yes, you need to head to the mountings because of all the zombies swarming the city…


But, unless you get up REALLY early, running along the strip is hard because of all the traffics and lights.


So we found a great starting location at Acaica Park which is a 20 minute drive outside of Vegas.


And a perfect starting spot to hop on the old (paved) Union Pacific train route.


Surprisingly, not many runners here in Vegas.  Only a few bikers on the perfect wide trails.


There was no snow here, but it was clearly a festive holiday season here in Vegas.


If you want snow, you have to climb to the top of the mountains, and that would be a 100-miler I think and not the half marathon we ran!  Could not ask for better weather or running spot this morning to end the year on a high note!

Here is another running route I did in Las Vegas and here are many others around the world:


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