Exploring the Dominican Republic

Today, we toured around the island a little bit…to check out the local culture and lifestyle.

Lots of Russian immigrants and economy based on their influence here in the Dominican Republic.

Did you know that a “Car Wash” in the Dominican Republic is more than a car wash…it is kind of like the shady “massage parlors” in the US.  Nope, not interested, now you know why there are so many on the island!


Numerous cocoa (chocolate) and tobacco farms on the island.  And yes, cigar rolling is a cottage trade and industry for many around the island.


Checked out some of the older churches built back in the 1500s.


A lot of Spanish colonial history here – still a lot of tension with the Haitians…even though they have been independent from Haiti for several hundred years.


The military control and guard the beaches here.


Sometimes the waves and currents can be a little too rough for even surfing.


Amazing view here along the coastline!


That is why the wild donkeys like to hang out and live here greeting foreigners…

Interested in learning more?  Check out my two other postings from our visit:

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