Visiting The Gibraltar Colony


Today, we headed north out of Africa and hopped on a ferry across the Mediterranean to go over and visit the famous British territory of Gibraltar.


The motorcycle biker gangs in we saw when we spent the day in Tangier Morocco were getting rough, so it was time to leave! 😉


The Rock of Gibraltar is a hopping place…almost a frenzy of tourists, locals and visitors who love to go shopping.


It was great fun to hang out in the main square for some (local) fish and chips and a nice beer to enjoy lunch.


We also toured around some of the older military sites and former barracks along the coastline. It was windy, but some great views of both Spain and Africa (Morocco).


We then went up to Michael’s Cave to check out the popular cave where local concerts are sometimes held.


And then get questioned and held hostage by the local monkey (ape) populations for ice cream or other snacks when we exited the cave.


The mini tour buses won’t take you to the top, where the large (massive) naval gun was still in place…


So I had to run up 250 meters (and back down) in 15 minutes to avoid being left behind. The views from the top were worth it 🙂

Great way to spend a day in the south of Europe!





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