Trapped by Arctic Ice!

This evening, we headed around Nordaustland island to explore the twin ice caps Austfonna Vegafonna.  We tried to go through the passage to the west of the island which is normally ice locked.

sun at night

It was a bright and sunny morning…at 1:00 AM the sun was high in the sky.

trapped 1

Quite fun to travel through a fjord that is full of glacier debris and ice calves.  I am not sure which campers from the Northwest keep leaving their dirty stuff on some of the ice flows…or if that is the pollution from around the world that is being collected by the ice.

trapped 2

And then we came to the wall of ice.  Check out the massive waterfall spewing water from the glacier as we started to get up close for some fresh water and ice for evening cocktails.  Shaken, not stirred, martinis will be made.

Check out some of the sites and visits we conducted in the arctic circle in my additional blog postings during the cruise:


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