Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca “white house” is basically a huge modern city that is one of the largest ports in the African continent. Full of office buildings, manufacturing and large apartment buildings.


It is very different than Fes or Marrakech.  I am not sure I understood this complex Cybersecurity detection algorithm.  When driving into the city, it is hard to tell you are still in Morocco.


When we arrived, it was really windy. It looked like a hurricane was about to take over the city. Casablanca is definitely the “Miami” of Morocco. The coast is lined with exclusive and expensive “clubs” that are not open to the public or even locals unless they are members. Unless you go into McDonalds of course to get a cup of their famous espresso.



It is also one of the most dangerous cities in Morocco with large volumes of crime and significant risks to tourists. For some reason, they don’t even fasten the hotel room safes into the walls or closet. Nice souvenir!


It was pouring rain again, but we stopped and took a picture of Hassan II’s mosque that holds 80,000 people to pray.


We drove by Rick’s café …but it is not real. It was only created a few years ago to attract tourists. We did not go in.


The one cool thing that we did see in Casablanca for the WWII history buffs was the Anfa Hotel where the Casablanca Conference was held in 1943 where US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle all met for the next steps in the war.

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