We visited and spent some time in Jerusalem…we explored Jerusalem differently than either of has in the past.  We have visited the Jewish section of the old city several times, but thought we would venture into different areas this time.


We started near the Tower of David and entered through the Jaffa gate this time (and no, it was not to check out all the new stores and shopping nearby).


We decided to climb up and walk around the walls of the old city along the ramparts.  This was a very interesting and different perspective of the city that many do not know about for some reason.  It gives you a view of the history and people not possible any other way.


We specifically chose to walk around the Christian and Muslim sections which we have never visited previously…it was a really interesting view in how many live in the old city…


We ate some local sweet baklava in the Muslim market (shuk) 🙂


And also entered the holy Christian church where Jesus was crucified:


Looking outside the walls from the ramparts, I felt the pre-1967 line has disappeared…


From my point of view, there has been much more renovation and restoration than I remembered from the last time I visited Jerusalem.


When we left the old city, I noticed many new hotels being built and the tourism is growing much further than before…unfortunately the Waldolf Astoria is not quite open yet for those who are so inclined…

Overall, it was a great experience visiting Jerusalem…it is always amazing and rewarding.  On the way back, we made a stop in Abu Gosh for dinner on the way back to have some good falafel and spicy hummus. 🙂

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3 Responses to Jerusalem

  1. vermonster5150 says:

    Really great to see if from this perspective. I have only seen what we see on TV, temple mount, wailing wall et al. thanks!

  2. Yigal says:

    You just threw me 40 years back, to my childhood in Jerusalem, before the Intifada started. Walking on the walls was our way to pass the time as kids… 🙂

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