Running in Georgetown (Penang Malaysia)

We stopped at the island of Penang today.

Of course, we went running along the seaside course recommended by the Penang Forward Sports Club.

It was interesting that we kept getting buzzed by Mig-29s from the Malaysian Air Force. First it was the Thai Navy and not it is Malaysia…they were a little hard to see from my Nexus 6P camera, but the app calculated their speed at Mach .92 which was cool below 2,000 feet…

It was a combination of beach running, trail running and city running…but unfortunately most of the expensive Seaside real estate is being excavated for some reason with miles of construction equipment and digging. 

Lots of historical buildings along the way. 

And fortunately there are frequent little shops that are known as gurneys for this historical drive. 

You need at least a liter of water for this 12K run in this heat and humidity. I found a cool shop next to this parking lot with lots of Rolls-Royce hanging out at the Pot cafe.

A lot of people wondered, can you buy wine in Malaysia? Because we explored on our run, we found a hidden wine shop 😎

and yes, we found a bottle of Portteus!  Stay tuned! We are taking a break at a local place with some good music. 

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