Running in Dublin Ireland

2019 Running and Visit Update

It was great to visit Dublin this week on business and sneak in an early morning run.

It was quite chilly 0 degrees Celsius, but the morning sun was bright and warm.

Since I was staying downtown Dublin near the Trinity College, I was able to explore some different parts of the city that I had never seen before.

I found lots of runners like to run around and near the big rugby stadium.

But you must be careful to avoid to dog poo zombies that roam near the Liffey River.

It is a great place to go running, but make sure to go early to check out the great sites when there is no traffic and lights holding up your pace.  You can also find great spots for dinner like these famous places near by hotel 😉

Previously, my first time in Dublin was for the first Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Dublin in 2013.


We are headed east to run the first Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dublin.

Yes, it was a fantastic run with slightly cool weather through the rolling hills of the city.  Phoenix park is a wonderful place to run even if you are not in a race!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


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