Gold Creek Pond – Snoqualmie

Continuing the theme of summer 2020 travel restrictions where international travel is not possible, this is another new area that some may choose to visit in the great Northwest part of the country (United States).

If interested, this page is where I keep posting updates on international travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Here are some of the most recent explorations of the Northwest this summer:

Now, on to the latest trip!

If interested, we visited the same location in the snow.  Check out the snow camping posting.

This weekend was a little camping an exploration in the Gold Creek Pond area.  This is a great hiking area which I visited a few weeks ago when spelunking up to Kendall Lakes.

Due to the lockdown and everyone with cabin fever, I will warn you that the area can get pretty crowded.  Weddings, parties most people not social distancing and also not wearing masks.

This is why we were a little more adventurous and explored the sites and history by using the dry creek bed (which is mostly dry and not with running water in August).

You can get some great views of the mountains, but it all depends on the clouds and fog.

When the sun comes out, it is gorgeous and it does get a little warm.  You can also watch some of the hang gliders that often jump from the top of one of the mountains and float around for what seems like hours in the light winds.

I did mention that the creek is dry and not with running water, but there are some great spots where the water is running under ground and you can find fresh clear pools that little friends seem to like hanging around.  Beware: the water is not warm, it is ice cold.  But for some…it is very refreshing on a hot summer day.

Here was one of the unusual and intriguing spots along the dry creek bed where there was a slight water flow.  Look at how many years have past since the ice age glaciers creating all those rock layers.  How many years of history can be found in all these layers of sediment?  Thousands?

OK – in closing, here is one of the not very well know treats that can be found in the Gold Creek area and best found by walking up the creek to Heli’s Pond.  It is small, hidden, very quiet and quite mysterious.  The water is so blue and so clear, you can see down 20 feet and see every detail.  and if you are brave, you can take a polar bear dip into the water that will be memorable!



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