Travelling to Nepal

Once we landed in Nepal, it became clear that the US Marines were on some kind of special mission here.

Nepal 2

They had a half a dozen soldiers guarding the C-130 from the Nepalese army…some of them were carrying WWII era British Sten machine guns.  Interesting…

From there, getting the Nepal visa was simple and easy.  We passed through immigration must faster than everyone that already received the Nepal visa in their passports.

Overall initial perception of Nepal is very positive.  Kathmandu is relatively clean and modern in many ways.


It was easy to walk down the street to a local mini-mart and find some local drink.


Who could have ever guessed that Nepal actually makes wine?  We thought we would try a bottle tonight…even if it is made from wild fruits 🙂

OK – would you like to see some of the sights of Nepal? Check out my other blog posts over the next few days:


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2 Responses to Travelling to Nepal

  1. Laura Hasse says:

    So happy for you two!

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