Running in Grenada

It is our first full day here…so what did we do?

We went running to explore the local town.  And yes, it was brutally hot.  90 degrees and you felt like you went swimming after a 10K run.

Lots of local farming.  Seems like goats are the most popular.

Not sure I know how to interpret this sign.  Are people carrying candy around?  We were running, not walking!

The island a friendly and diverse place.  Safe to go everywhere and everyone is welcome.

Of course, we had to run by the US memorial/monument from Operation Urgent Fury which was the US military invasion of Grenada to rescue the medical school students that were threatened into government takeover.  I left out the beer bottles that were cluttered on the side of the monument when I took this picture.

The best part of the run was to check out some of the emerging high end properties that were being developed on the one side of the island.  Check out the high end car visiting the development in the background.

Runs are always fun and adventurous! Some of my other favorite spots:

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