Visiting the Greek Isles

Here is another retro post back from 2006 when we took a cruise around some of the Greek islands where there is so much history!

Of course we started in Athens and visited the Parthenon, but the memory card on the camera got corrupted and we lost almost all the pics except this one!  😦

So, this post, I am going to focused on the aisles which are unique and gorgeous to visit the spring through the fall.  Visiting places like Crete and taking a drive gives you some amazing views.

The coolest thing about Crete is you get to explore and experience some of the mythical stories about Theseus and the Minotaur!

Also on Crete is the city of Knossos which is known as Europe’s oldest city!

We did not go swimming or diving, but Corfu is another awesome island to visit and explore.  The waters are so clear and the coast is so scenic.

Definitely take a walk along the beach in Palaiokastritsa which is on the island or Corfu.

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3 Responses to Visiting the Greek Isles

  1. celly1989 says:

    I love these pictures. The Greek Isles are beautiful 🙂

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