New York City…in the winter!

I was fortunate to be able to attend and visit Google NYC this week on the first day of Spring for some connections and an internal conference.

The Google office is in Manhattan and in Chelsea to be specific…and it is HUGE!  Close to subways, easy to walk to and an amazing building to work in.

The views on the 16th floor were similar amazing and you can see the Freedom Tower in the distance.  Careful…once you visit Google NYC you will get addicted quickly and want to move to work here!

The subways were great and easy…who needs to own a car???

The one disappointment is the office is not close to central park for running…so I just ran around the Chelsea piers as a distraction.  I got in a nice run when the snow flurries starting coming down…

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:

That leads me to my next topic: the snow DUMPED on NYC on the first day of the conference which is my birthday.  Yikes!  I did not have winter boots, but the taxi drivers were awesome.  The snow does not slow them down and the city keeps moving at fast pace.

The next highlight was a morning breakfast (not the Google free breakfast) one morning at Shopsin’s market.  The was an a huge unhealthy, but AMAZING delicious breakfast in an environment that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

This (cafe?) is quite famous for their collections of Tchotchkes.  Check it out if you ever visit NYC.

OK – one last thing.  Since I am in NYC, I had to go see some theater and not do email all night long.  Axis Theater – “High Noon”.  A unique single act western.  Well done.

Some posts from previous visits to NYC:


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