Grimsey Island (North Of Iceland)

We did not want to get locked in the fjords of Greenland with ice bergs, so we headed south towards Iceland so we could do some exploring on the northern part of that island (country) that we had not been able to do in the past.


Along the way we ran into some friends and found out we were not the only ones visiting from the Northwest of the United States.  A small pod of Orca whales said hi and swam along with the ship as we headed to the island for some sightseeing.  Grimsey Island is a great place to visit.


What is the best way to see all the highlights of the island in the shortest period of time?  Run across the island end to end along the coast using the hiking trails!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


On the south side, the lighthouse is quite unique (and important to sailors), but the sky is filled with thousands of the local birds who love to dive bomb you when you get close to their nests.


But the best part of the south side is all the Puffin nests.  Can you see what is in this one’s mouth?  It is multiple sand eels in just one dive.


On the north side, you can hang out with the wild goats.


Or avoid falling off the cliff to observe all the gulls nesting on the steep cliffs next to the Denmark Sea.


The coolest thing about running across this island is the fact you cross the Arctic Circle on the running trail!  Check that one off the list!


And in closing…what the heck is this giant ball laying next to the trail.  Solid steel and concrete ball.  No clue.  Let us know if you know what it is.

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