Arrived in Zimbabwe

OK – we headed north from Johannesburg to check out true Africa.  Where is the best place to go? Zimbabwe of course!

Now getting into Zimbabwe and customs is no joke. All planes arrive at the same time and it can take 2+ hours to get through customs and immigration as they must hand write all forms twice…no automation.  Be prepare and patient!

We are staying at the famous Victoria Falls hotel…stay tuned, there will be more on this topic tomorrow.

But there was a very pleasant greeting, refreshing drink, etc. in the front entrance and also an equally welcoming and refreshing offering as soon as you enter your room! 😉

It is very safe here and no risks that many face in South Africa.  But you do have to wonder why the hotel groundskeepers are carrying rifles around at 7AM in the morning.  Is it due to all the celebrities staying at the hotel???

We got into the area in the late afternoon, so we decided to take a nice river cruise to check out the Zambezi river and learn about how Dr. Livingston actually found Victorian Falls many years ago.  Lots of history here!  And lots of crocodiles to hang out with as well!

and also some local Zambezi beer which was quite tasty on a hot African afternoon!

We also ran into 5-6 hippos that were swimming in the room since they were on vacation.  Here is one making a jump for some reason…

I am still working on finding a good photo of them, but in the interim, I do have a short video of them snorting since they were very loud due to all their beer drinking.  You can hear them if you listen closely.

OK – that is it for today, stay tuned for more tomorrow in my links below:


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