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Arctic Circle Birds and Islands

This afternoon we hopped in the zodiacs to go check out the borg of Guillemot birds that live and control Alkjefellet (Auk Mountain) island. The island is full of waterfalls and nests. There is apparently 60,000 of these buggers living … Continue reading

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Hanging out with the Wahlbergs in Norway

We made a quick stop at Wahlberg0ya which is an island in the Hinlopen Strait.  Since there were no animals on this island, I guess we can only have veggie burgers…. Let’s give a view of some of the flora … Continue reading

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Even in the Arctic Circle – You are Followed

We went back south to check out the (small) Stor0ya island. We wanted to explore for some more local wildlife that may be hanging out around the research points.  I think this is one of the cell phone signal capture … Continue reading

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Ever Hike a Glacier?

The satellite connectivity and Internet speeds are horribly slow.  The nice pictures are just too large to upload.  So for this posting, I am using the famous high end Microsoft Paint program to reduce the size of the pics so … Continue reading

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We are back! Blogging from Ny-Alesund

We wanted to make sure we could run in the Arctic Circle, so we stopped at Ny-Alesund which is at 78 Degrees 55 minutes North latitude. It is located in the northern part of the Svalbard islands which are controlled … Continue reading

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Departing Longyearbyen Norway

Leaving the satellite coverage area of the Arctic Circle for a few days. The satellites do not cover the entire planet! 🤕 Be patient as the next few blog posts will be delayed because we are that far north 😬

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Landed in Longyearbyen Norway

It is definitely starting to get interesting…  when you approach the Svalbard islands from the south and see all the snow you wonder if anyone can live here. Then you start to see random houses in the mountains. Look close … Continue reading

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