New Zealand

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We flew into Auckland, New Zealand after a run through the Sydney airport due to a tight connection.  Where to start?  We like to take tours, but they are SUPER expensive here in New Zealand. Don’t expect to get any deals, save money or get huge value for your money. The tour guides are great – but you pretty much pay double that you would expect in the US or Europe for that matter for the same length, quality, content, etc.

We took a tour of Taraunga area which where we went to a sheep farm, saw sheep herding, sheering, etc. It was amazing on how many sheep types there are and how the dogs interact with the sheep to herd them.

We also went to visit Rotoroo where we visited a Maori reservation which had the second largest geyser in the world and the largest in the southern hemisphere. It is almost always erupting and there are steam vents all over the countryside. Most homes, business, etc. are heated by the natural steam vents. They also had hot mud springs that are constantly bubbling – quite an interesting place.

We learned a lot about their culture, history, etc. The guide was phenomenal and the experience very pleasant.  The picture is blurry because they were twirling their bolos so fast.

Also check out my blog the postings of ChristChurch and Dunedin.

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