Tahiti is the source of the best Vanilla

Today we pulled into Raiatea and we were not tendered which was nice.  Getting on and off the yacht in 5 minutes or less is a treat.

It was definitely very warm here, so we awoke early, had some breakfast and then went out for a run nice run along the marina and through the residential area near the port.

We were definitely in need of the 20 oz Powerade sports drinks that we bought in Papeete for our excursion runs, but it was definitely a great start to the day.

After lunch, we went on an expedition to the nearby island of Tahaa.  This is where there is huge pearl farms and vanilla plantations.  I never knew this is where most vanilla of the world comes from…

We spent some time in a local plantation at the home of a local family learning on how Vanilla is really cultivated and used.  Very educational.

Nor did I know that there was so many different colored pearls that all came from the French Polynesian islands.  Many of the French move here because of the weather, gorgeous scenery and there is no income or sales taxes!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:

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