Arrived in Beijing

This is the beginning of my most recent visit to China, but if you would like to see a very interesting blog post and proceedings from a previous business trip and activities, check out this blog posting from 2 years ago.

Day 1 of our tour of China and we arrived in Beijing tonight.

We took the Delta flight from Seattle which was an older extended range 767.  The plane, seats and media center were a little old, but the service was excellent and the food tasty.  I think the media centers had to be rebooted three times before you could watch any movies…

It took only 5 minutes to get through immigration – no problems there!  But it took over an hour to get our bags from luggage retrieval. One of the awesome things was using Google Fi for my mobile wireless.  In less than 1 minute after landing, I had full voice, text and data access!

In the end, no worries, everything arrived.  We met our driver and headed to the hotel: Waldorf Astoria.  Even though it was 9:30 at night, there was a traffic jam.  Is that fog or pollution everywhere?  Fog he says…

Now, the Waldorf is an amazing hotel.  I thought Grand Hyatt was great in Beijing, but this is even better.  The rooms are huge!

Lillian said “this is the nicest hotel she has ever stayed in China”.  I am impressed so far.

I myself thought the complimentary fire escape hoods were pretty cool to have in the linen closet.  I wonder if I can take one for a souvenir?

Now, here is the best thing, the Waldorf is part of the Hilton brand and frequent guest program.  Even when you use points for the stay, you can get upgraded.  We got a free room upgrade to have one of the rare terrace suites 🙂

Great place to take a few pictures in the daytime!  I think this is a good sign for the start of this vacation adventure!  Stay tuned, more to come tomorrow!

Great weather here in Beijing for touring around.  Here are some following days’s postings as we continued to explore China:

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