Learning About Aliens During our Last Day in Tahiti

We got off our yacht today in Papeete and decided to tour around the island a little more.  There are quite a few good sites to visit and spend half a day driving around the full island.

It was interesting to learn that kids actually get “surfing lessons” and have a curriculum in school on this topic.  Looks like great waves…very similar to Hawaii.

Of course we visited the famous black sand beach that has been seen in many movies.

The waterfalls around the island were stunning…very easy to find and almost no other people were ever at the sites at the same time as us.

The upside down cave was interesting as well.  Tempted to take a dip, but…

We also went to the very nice Tahiti museum that had numerous artifacts and exhibits documenting the entire history of Polynesia.  It was only a 10 minute walk from the Le Meridien hotel.

This was a nice stone carving explaining that the same aliens that were seen in the Peruvian Nazca lines had also visited these islands many years ago.

Now, let’s see if we will actually make our connection in LAX tomorrow or whether we will be stuck in the airport during the holiday travel season…

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