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Time to Get Boosted!

Yep – you guessed it, I got my 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot (booster) Friday. Yeah! I am excited. Some mental relief. And everyone is asking – what are the side effects? Let’s start with WHY I got the booster. Multiple … Continue reading

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Fighting the Cold War

I know this posting is sounding a little different, but I thought I would share a recognition that I just received in the mail this week from the Department of Defense. I don’t post very often about by military service … Continue reading

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Gold Creek Part 2

The fall weather has been gorgeous in Snoqualmie this year and before the snow arrives, it is definately a good time to do some more hiking. This weekend, we decided to be a little more adventurous and spelunk around Gold … Continue reading

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Fall Hiking Gear for Snoqualmie

We decided to head to Snoqualmie Pass to try out some new gear for the Fall hiking season and pre-winter adventurous. This was a continued exploration of the area similar to other hikes we blogged about in this area: Gold … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Travel Experience in Q4 2021

I thought a short blog might be due to share some thoughts on what travel may look like in the remaining months of 2021. The Delta variant is causing havoc around the world, so many of us are still wondering … Continue reading

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Seattle Polo Party

With the COVID-19 Delta variant starting to create some limitations in travel and event restrictions, many in the Pacific Northwest needed and were looking for a fun event to enjoy this summer. and I am excited to share the Seattle … Continue reading

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Lake Chelan

The state of Washington is no longer locked down and everyone is travelling again, so we decided to adventure and visit a place we have never visited before: Lake Chelan Washington! It is a bit of a long drive from … Continue reading

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Planning a Weekend Trip to Mexico on a Budget

Although I have been to Mexico many times, I thought it would be great to have a posting on the topic as many people are now looking to visit and travel to Mexico now that the lockdowns have been lifted! … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Your Car for the Road Trip of a Lifetime

This week I have a returning guest author posting that I think will help everyone a little in the year ahead as the world starts opening again for travel! I think this topic is quite interesting (for at least the … Continue reading

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Breitling Watches and Travel

I thought it might be fun to write about two of my favorite topics — in a combined blog posting! I am a big fan of watches and how they are not just a choice of jewelry, but also a … Continue reading

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