Veteran Military Service – US Navy Aviation

I am a US Navy veteran of squadron VAQ-130 “Zappers” which is an EA-6B Prowler squadron based in Whidbey Island Washington.

Recent podcast interview and how military experience led to success on the SuccessFundamentals YouTube channel.

I recently received my Cold War certificate for my service during the cold war!  If you are eligible or served during this time, you may want to check out my posting which has information links.

Home Base of the Prowlers

Whidbey Island, WA

My squadron home for 5 years – Hanger 5!

Combat Missions

Aviano Air Base – 1995

A picture in 1995 from the Aviano airbase in Northern Italy before heading out on a mission over Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) as part of VAQ-130 squadron.


Persian Gulf Flight Ops on CV-67


Flight recovery and launch on the JFK


Night flight deck operations on the JFK

Visiting Spanish Harriers on JFK in the Mediterranean


1992 Cruise video on the JFK CV-67 aircraft carrier

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