Caesarea Israel

We have been quiet for a few days…and that has been for good reasons.  We have been relaxing for a few days in familiar territory.  It has been a good choice while travelling so much.  We met with some old friends and visited some new places like the Tel Aviv Art Museum.  Overall, we have spent most of our time in Caesarea which is where we lived a few years ago.  I thought I would share some perspective on this Israeli city which is not well known outside in the US or EU…


Caesarea is a pretty interesting location and history on the coast of Israel. It was built by King Herod during the early Roman Empire and today, it is the only city in Israel that is managed by a private company (created by the Rothschilds) and not the government.

It hosts the only golf club in Israel:


Over the past 2000 years, it was conquered and ruled by many different organizations.  The most notable was the fact it was a port city in the Roman Empire:

IMG_2224 IMG_2217

a Byzantine capital and tombs:

IMG_2214 IMG_2213

and of course taken over during an Arab conquest in the 7th century and then later captured/reclaimed/lost again by the Crusaders.


Several more changes occurred in the following centuries.  Lots of the city is small, but completely populated in and around the historical ruins of the Caesarea Harbor.


Many areas have been renovated and restored, while many are still unexcavated – like the ancient aqueduct.


Some homes even have exposed ruins while others have been excavated and exposed for everyone to see around the city.


This is actually known as the bird mosaic due to fantastic murals that existed in a ancient mansion outside the city walls.

When we lived here a few years ago, I loved running along the aqueduct and along the Mediterranean ocean.


There was actually two aqueducts and neither are fully excavated. It is an amazing experience to wake up early and run along the ocean with the dogs and there is not a single person in sight…what a way to start the day.  Our dogs used to go crazy when we let them run loose across the sand and head to the ocean…


Today we ran near the port and the ancient coliseum which faces the sea.

The city is one of the wealthiest in Israel and many famous people live (more on that later)…but I found it interesting that one of the poorest Arab villages is adjacent to Caesarea.


If you can look closely, there are camels near the own home…compared to the Mercedes and BMWs on the other side…


There are some natural sand dunes that are maintained that people walk over daily to go to the store or to work in Caesarea as there are no simple road or convenient connections between the two habitats.


You can hear the daily call to prayers when you live in the northern sections of Caesarea.


A definite different experience than living in the US…


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2 Responses to Caesarea Israel

  1. halberenson says:

    Assaf and Leona took me there one time for dinner, and then when my wife and I were visitng we spent a couple of nights. There is an intimacy about the way the ruins are integrated into life that is so unique. I mentioned going to my cousin, who use to spend her summers in Israel, and she got all excited because it was one of her favorite dive spots. Tourists who skip it are definitely missing out.

  2. Dad says:

    Enjoy every moment that you are there.

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