Running and Walking in Sevile

Today, we kicked off our second day in Seville with a run around the Maria Luisa park. 

Seville running

Always a nice way to get to know the city and running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


The waterfront (river) was a little far to do a long distance run, so we enjoyed the trails in the park with other runners.  Spain is definitely full of runners in every city!


There are not as many birds as you get to run through when racing through the square in Venice, Italy though…


Later, we strolled through all the side streets and millions of plazas to explore some of the hidden gems of Seville.  Sometimes you see things and have no idea how to describe them or know what they are…


The real gem was the Castillo de San Jorge across the famous Triana bridge.  This is where the Spanish Inquisition was conducted.


It was quite educational to go underground and see the preserved castle and see the history.  And the best part, it was FREE!


Oh…in case anyone wonders…Triana Market is a Seville (Spanish) version of Pike’s Place Market in Seattle 😉

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