Last Day in the Greenland Fjords

Today, we went deep into the F0hnfjord to explore the Rhode Island and the numerous (huge) icebergs populated the narrow fjord.


We went ashore the explore the (very Red) Rhode Island.  Hence its name.  Almost hike.  Much to see despite being an island in Greenland.  Eggs everywhere…but somebody other than us made an omelet.


Very small hidden blueberries.  Who ever thought you could go out and pick wild blueberries in Greenland?


But when you get to the top..the views were amazing.  As you can see, many people go on sabbatical to escape society and sail up here to enjoy the isolation and quiet in the north.


I wish we had better connectivity to post more pictures and videos, but this one iceberg acted like an amoeba and gave birth to multiple small calves of ice where we were looking down.

I tried to capture it a little with my GoPro.


We then hopped into a Zodiac to go explore some of the icebergs and free ice throughout the fjord.  It felt like we were back in Antarctica…except we were on the mirror location in the northern hemisphere.  In case you missed it, here are some of the other days we spent in Greenland:


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