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Running Around the NSA

I thought I would write a fun little blog today since my flight back to Seattle was delayed. Many people may not know, but you cannot actual visit and take pictures of the headquarters of the NSA in Maryland, but … Continue reading

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Running in Tel Aviv

Now that pandemic crisis is reduced and the beach facing infrastructure improvements, Tel Aviv is a great place for running in the early morning or later at night. Compared to 5 years ago, the running and biking paths, both North … Continue reading

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Return to Vegas!

It has been almost exactly two years since we flew down to Vegas right before the pandemic lockdown and got married. It was quite a story and challenge to say the least, but we wanted to celebrate our anniversary and … Continue reading

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Hawaii is not just Honolulu and Waikiki, it is also about the great islands. We decided to visit a few sites around Oahu since it was a little bit of a rainy day. But first, I had to kick off … Continue reading

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Lake Chelan

The state of Washington is no longer locked down and everyone is travelling again, so we decided to adventure and visit a place we have never visited before: Lake Chelan Washington! It is a bit of a long drive from … Continue reading

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We need physical running races again!

I decided to post something a little different today. As many know, I am active runner to help keep myself in good shape physically and mentally. When I travel, I love to run. It is one of the best ways … Continue reading

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Vaccination for Travel: Part 1

The reality is travel is dependent on vaccinations, both personally and for the world. If we are not vaccinated, we are not likely to be allowed to travel to some locations, internationally or attend certain attractions. Example – countries are … Continue reading

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Running in the Snow

OK – it is the annual snowmageddon in the Seattle area! That pretty much means that there is no travelling this weekend.  Some people do not listen and as always think that if they own an SUV, they can handle … Continue reading

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Getting Married when Marriages are Banned!

We had been planning to visit and get married in Las Vegas.  Because we had such a great time a year ago when we visited Lady Gaga there and told that story…But the COVID-19 virus hit the world.  Did we … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Hyderabad India

This week I snuck in a quick visit to Hyderabad India on a business trip. I stayed at the Westin in the Mindspace area which is a great hotel with great service. the fascinating thing is how many people, restaurants, … Continue reading

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