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COVID-19 Travel Experience in Q4 2021

I thought a short blog might be due to share some thoughts on what travel may look like in the remaining months of 2021. The Delta variant is causing havoc around the world, so many of us are still wondering … Continue reading

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Planning a Weekend Trip to Mexico on a Budget

Although I have been to Mexico many times, I thought it would be great to have a posting on the topic as many people are now looking to visit and travel to Mexico now that the lockdowns have been lifted! … Continue reading

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January 2021 Travel Planning Update

Good afternoon everyone: I thought a quick vodcast (video blog) would be good today to provide some perspectives on travel in 2021. Travel all appears to be hinging on vaccinations for people and countries In the US, they are going … Continue reading

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A Guide to Planning Future Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic

This week, I have a guest author contributing with a great article on how to plan for future travel after the pandemic!  I think Emma provides a more holistic perspective than the posting I try to maintain with some overall … Continue reading

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Toucan – Will it Change Business Conferences?

It is clear, we are not going to travel soon for business and even Bill Gates commented on CNBC that > 50% of business travel will disappear long term. I have been watching tracking closely on my blog with a … Continue reading

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Vodcast – Lockdown free vacations?

Show notes: WA State locking down again: https://www.king5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/governor-jay-inslee-washington-state-new-restrictions-covid-19-coronavirus-spread/281-6aa36caa-8201-43ff-94de-127737049b8a Will we have a Seahawks home game this year?  https://www.seahawks.com/ When to travel?  https://davidcrosstravels.com/2020/04/19/travel-covid-19/ WSJ – lockdown free locations on the beach: https://www.wsj.com/articles/travelers-seeking-lockdown-free-vacations-head-to-the-beach-11604491202 BI – what is the Delta lounge like during … Continue reading

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1st Travel Vodcast!

Hello everyone – I decided it was time to try creating a weekly travel vodcast (video podcast) since we are all mostly locked down from international travel. I thought this would be an easier way to inform and connect with … Continue reading

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Eli Cohen and Israel

I am not sure how many people have seen the Netflix series about Eli Cohen titled “The Spy“, but it is highly recommended.   Eli is portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen who was phenomenal IMHO …and no, do not worry, he … Continue reading

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Hiking Ein Geidi and Masada Israel

It has been a few years since this trip and this is a retro posting that I have put together to keep us positive of the potential places to visit and explore when the world opens up again when COVID-19 … Continue reading

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When can you travel due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 Travel Planning I normally only post my visits, sites and locations, but I thought I should try sharing my thoughts on travel planning in general.  This has become a living blog to share the details as they unfold. It … Continue reading

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