Rabat and Tangier Morocco

The last day in Morocco, we drove up through Rabat (the capital) and Tangiers the port city so we could head back to Spain.


We made a quick stop in Rabat driving around the capital area.  We caught them during a changing of the guard.  A very clean city…of course because it is the capital with all the government offices.


The main stop was the mausoleum of Mohammed V which was quite a site to see. A bit like Napoleon’s tomb in Paris, but different…


The giant square with the Roman pillars and unfinished minaret tower (Hassan’s Tower) was an interesting feeling for some reason. It almost felt like we were in Rome or Egypt. Unfortunately Hassan’s tower was under some renovation.


Here is Morocco, you are watched carefully! They have hidden cameras even in the Roman pillars.


We had a great lunch stop in Assilah for some great seafood lunch (paella). One of the best paella courses we have ever eaten.


Assilah is a gorgeous village along the waterfront with a historical Spanish style and architecture. Lots of local art as well on all the walls.  An excellent place to stop for a break along the coast only a half hour south of Tangier.


One of the highlights of Tangier is the view you have of the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. You can see both blending at the northern tip of Africa next to the (active) lighthouse and the coast of Spain in the distance.

Headed back to Spain to visit the Rock of Gibraltar. Believe it or not, two kids climbed up into the wheel wells of our bus…so they could sneak across to get to Europe. They are desperate to leave Morocco and Africa and it is hard to believe and see firsthand how badly people want to leave the continent and get to a better place.

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