Husavik Iceland

There is actually sunset in Iceland…and it actually gets dark around midnight.


What did we get to see coming into the harbor tonight around 11 PM?  Some humpback whales decided they wanted to go with us to the night club in the local town a few miles away.

We landed (docked) in the northern part of Iceland that is just below the Arctic Circle.  We then went touring around the northern part of the island.  95% of all houses in Iceland are heated with geothermal hot water and greenhouses are also filled with warm steam to grow plants not possible to grow in Iceland normally.


We first visited the Dettifuss waterfall.


It was amazing and a very fun place to go hiking.  It is in the middle of nowhere (or to be precise, in the middle of miles and miles of lava fields.).  One of the best we have seen in the world.


We then went to check out the mud pools that were in the nearby mountains.  The sulfur smell was everywhere, but it was quite an experience to walk right up to these active vents and pools and take pictures.  I am surprise more people do not get injured.


To top off the morning before going for some local (char) fish lunch, we did a quick walk through Dimmuborgir park that is very close to the giant volcano crater that was created in modern times in just 2 days (in the distance).


To conclude the day, we took a quick walk through the Whaling History Museum in Husavik.  The museum is still evolving, but it has a very nice collection of historical objects and bones of almost every whale that lives in the Arctic Circle.  Quite impressive.  The blue whale is so big, it cannot fit in just one picture.

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