Cannon Beach Oregon

Since the travel restrictions continue and international travel is not possible, we decided to continue to explore the Northwest part of the country (United States).  If interested, this page is where I keep posting updates on international travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

What was the next spot?  Cannon Beach, Oregon!  It is sunny, but not scorching hot and overall a pleasant mid 60s in the middle of August.


We chose to travel on Sunday and visit during the week when it might not be as crowded.  Despite our planning choice, it was not light on travelers or tourists…and the usage of masks was still 60-40 unfortunately.  But many people respected and tried to remain distant.

If you look on AirBnB, you can find some reasonably priced rentals that are only a block or two away from the beach.  It is worth walking for 5-10 minutes versus paying $500 a night for a small room right on the beach.

We found a great place right next to the Pelican Brewery (which is great for takeout dinner) for only $200 a night with two bedrooms and full kitchen!

It is a large and fun beach.  Plenty of room to stay distanced and a great place for dogs to play if you ring your pets.  But…even though it is August, the water is REALLY COLD!

It is pretty popular to go up close to the Haystack Rock to check out all the nesting Seagulls as well as all the sea anemone that thrive in the little sea pools that flows through all the smaller rocks.

If you do not have a rental or hotel near the beach, you have to explore the roads to find an entrance to the beach.  They are public entrances all over the place, but they are not visibly marked and it is almost impossible to park near one.

Some are right between homes and I am sure the locals like how hidden the paths are between their houses.  Now, for the next thing…there are a lot of local animals in this rich coastal growth…

One of the unusual things of Cannon Beach, especially in the morning, is all the rabbits around town.  They all appear to be domestic rabbits that have been let loose and have gone feral, and there are a lot of them.  All colors and many are very overweight and do not run away easily when you approach them.

Overall, the town is a safe place with lots of tourist shops and some nice local restaurants.  But, despite the restrictions and limited spacing, it is still very crowded on the streets and in some of the stores.  If you are at risk or uncomfortable with people who refuse to social distance or wear a mask, this may not be the best place for you.

One recommendation for a visit on the way (or back home from) Cannon Beach is Fort Stevens.

It is actually a huge park.  We actually did not plan enough time to check out all the sites, history, ship wreck and batteries.  You may want to actually plan an afternoon.  We will actually to visit again given the great taste we received in just 1 hour.

Check out of the batteries that were actually used in WWII.  Battery Russell (above) was actually attacked by the Japanese in WWII as the only stateside location that traded fire during the war.

Now, a classic activity that I always enjoy when I visit a new location!


Of course, I went running early in the morning.  There is no traffic, no crowded sidewalks, no traffic lights.  Nice cool weather, light hills and some great scenery.  If interested in world running routes, check out some of my other pages.  Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:


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