Headed to Krakow (Poland)

We trekked east to Krakow today.  A little rain, but nothing miserable.


The waves of yellow rapeseeds (canola oil) was quite scenic as we drive for 5 hours.  Some fields were a mile long. Sorry for the window reflection.


As we got close to Krakow, we could tell it was a lively town and not like Warsaw.  A 24×7 “Vegas Club” set the tone early. Not sure how much fun a 10×10 with no internal toilet could be a hot spot…


Then, hotel choice.  This hostel was tempting…


But we decided to stay at the Sheraton along the river where all the runners hang out (stay tuned on that one!).


Krakow has more tourists for sure, but it was a definitely a fun city.  It was fortunate to not have been destroyed in WWII.  The market square was full of activities and is actually larger than the market square in Venice…but less pigeons.


Music, dancing and lots of people selling Chinese made tourist souvenirs…


We also walked through the oldest university in Poland where Copernicus studied…the architecture was quite unique.  Check out the water downspouts…almost reminded of Cathedral of Notre Dame…

Stay tuned for more fun, you can guess what is next!

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