We need physical running races again!

I decided to post something a little different today.

As many know, I am active runner to help keep myself in good shape physically and mentally. When I travel, I love to run. It is one of the best ways to explore a city, country or learn more about an area that is not easily experienced otherwise. I have posted some of my favorite spots in my blog over the years:

I have even travelled to run in a race internationally when on vacation like in Dublin where they held a great half-marathon race. Races are a great way to focus your results…even when you are not targeting to get specific goals or personal records.

But, during the pandemic, the races have been pretty much non-existent due to the risks, crowds, insurance, travel. The only options have been virtual and that has been hard. I have been reluctant to join them.

But they are an easy way to help keep people motivated and still have some targets to hit…even though they are so different from the energy, competitiveness and drive that physical races create.

Many races are for good charitable causes. I am totally in support of these to raise money. I joined my first one earlier this year to join many in my company that support this cause. I joined and supported the Travis Manion Foundation run which is also known as the 9/11 Heroes run. As the executive sponsor for MAVEN at Oracle which is the US based veteran’s employee resource group, I felt I needed to lead by example. It was motivating. It drove me to train and be ready.

However, all these other virtual races started to feel like a business model to make money and nothing else like the Conquerors Virtual Challenges.

However, I still desired in my heart to be in a physical race. I am now vaccinated as a I shared a view week ago here, and ready to join again, but I am also going to continue to wear a mask and stay distant like I did this weekend.

I joined Pat Tillmans Foundation run to help this great cause and focus myself for the next challenge.

It was motivating. I pushed hard. I rant the fastest mile pace in a few years. I reached an optimum weight based on a thoughtful diet. Maybe it was due to the fact it is not safe to go out and eat in restaurants until we are mostly vaccinated and achieved herd immunity, but I digress…I also had the fastest 5K and 10K in a few years.

Success! But it still did not have the energy of a physical race. I/we need them again. Question: when will they start again and when can we travel to join?

The window may be opening again. I am joining a local 5K – will this be the start of the new year opening again for races?

Will there ever be massive crowds again? So many questions, but I think we need the races again to get us focused as well as physically and mentally fit again!

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